Sagittarius january 2020 horoscope scarlet moon

Under the influence of a Sagittarius planetary cycle, we may feel pumped to travel, learn, connect across cultures and expand our horizons.

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Prepare to collect some passport stamps as this fiery sign loves to blaze a trail from Bali to Burma to Boston and beyond! Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

An Astrological Trifecta On January 31st May Change Your Life and Rock Your World

Leaping without looking is a Sagittarius habit. Not surprisingly, his was the largest temple in Rome. Sagittarius desires the biggest and best, at times to the point of excess and indulgence. In fact, Jupiter was the mythic god of the feast. People with Sagittarius in their charts may quickly expand in girth. These signs end every season—and have learned the hard lessons taught by spring, summer, fall and winter. The mutable signs— Gemini , Virgo , Sagittarius and Pisces —know that all good things come to an end, and their role is to prepare everyone for the changing of seasons.

Mutable signs are the adapters of the zodiac, a little bit older and wiser. Mutables are also the editors of the zodiac—the ones who complete the package with a winning touch. A plan can be sparked by a cardinal sign, built by a fixed sign, then perfected with the critical eye of a mutable sign. Send in the clowns! They have a gift for seeing the absurdity of human nature and turning it into comic material. This sign is ruled by the Centaur, a half-human, half-horse mythical creature. Busy Sagittarians have a million friends, projects and irons in the fire.

Sun enters Scorpio

As a result, they may not be the most reliable day-to-day allies. A re-evaluation of your priorities will set you on the path to far greater happiness.

March 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Yet you value privacy, and the thought of so much light shining in your direction is unsettling. But is your chance to shine. Uranus, the electrifying visionary, finally completes its move into Taurus in March. Opposite your sign, it will make a key difference to your most valued relationships. Whatever your dreams, brings the inspiration and intuition to help you realise them. With lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet, in Sagittarius for most of , the possibilities for you this year — material, spiritual and intellectual — are almost endless.


Opportunities to travel and find new horizons will unfold. You will be energised to tackle difficult projects and fix situations which have been eating too much of your time. In March, as Uranus, the great change-maker, moves signs, you can end a problematic cycle. Throughout the year, you can expect innovative breakthroughs which will surprise you and astonish others. It should also guide you to share your ideas with a greater sensitivity. The alignments between Jupiter and sensitive Neptune suggest you might dwell on past events.

But there will be chances to revise major decisions.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Your challenge is to find a balance between freedom and understanding the needs of key people in your life. Your ruler, Saturn, remains in your sign, and Pluto has been there since , so you have powerful allies already helping you to resolve complex situations. A series of encouraging links between your ruler and Neptune mark crucial turning points in your year. Together with innovative Uranus, which changes signs in March, they highlight your creativity and compassion. The cosmos is also encouraging you to have faith in your talent for inspiring others.

The year begins with the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign, and your ruler, Uranus, is positioned to capitalise on this gift.

When Uranus changes signs in March, it will highlight your need to get out of unhelpful cycles. Your quick-thinking and willingness to adapt give you an unfair reputation for being disruptive. You also see what others miss. So be diplomatic, and take time to explain your rationale. THE Transit of Mercury lets you consolidate what you have learnt in the year, and it will be the event we will certainly all be watching. But a more subtle force will create magic. Neptune, your modern ruler, may not be visible to the naked eye, but the links it makes with Saturn bring you healing and hope.

Sagittarius Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

You will make new bonds and bring projects to fruition. Neptune also creates an exciting relationship with your traditional ruler, Jupiter. With both planets in their own signs for the first time since the s, they exert a powerful force for change. The sky really is the limit on this roller-coaster.

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