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Always try to do well and be good. In short as you sow, so you will reap There are very many rules for the formation of yogas.

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Mere presence of two or more planets in a sign cannot form a yoga. Late Dr B. V Raman has taken the pains to compile a book called Three hundred important yogas. This book is a must for every astrologer. All softwares use this book for tabulating the Yogas in a horoscope. Here again a word of caution is needed. The software manufacturers tabulate a yoga merely on the basis of the presence of planets in certain houses. They do not follow the guidance given By Dr Raman.

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So taking them for granted and giving forecast on that basis would lead to gross error. There are many stipulations under which a yoga becomes null and void.

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These rules are more important than the yoga themselves. An astrologer should know how to interpret the yogas.

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The vimsottari dasas or any other dasa should be favorable for materialization of a yoga. Another important factor is a yoga should have back up in Navamsa and concerned varga chart. If it is not there the yoga may be too feeble to be of any use to the native. Marana yogas are yogas for death are also there. Vedic astrological classics give very many yoga combinations for different kinds of death. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Guru Vinod Ji. Abert Hoffmann. Stuart Rice. Manu Kumar. Sudarsanan Nesamony. Brad Yantzer. Alex Kochkin. Vishnu Arya. He will enjoy rides in beautiful palanquines, horses or elephants He will have the privilege of travelling in luxurious conveyances. He will be generous in gifts and will be a capable ruler favourite of his subjects.

The native with Gouri Yoga will have a beautiful body and will be a friend of the king. He will possess good qualities and will be blessed with sons. He will belong to an illustrious family. His face will be like a lotus. He will be praised for his successes over enemies. If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus be in Kendra or Trikona from the lagna or be in the 2nd house and Jupiter be in his own sign, friend s sign or in his sign of exaltation, the planetary combination so formed is called Saraswati yoga. The Native with Saraswati Yoga at bith will be highly Intelligent.

He will be very competent in composing prose, drama, poetry and will be learned in Alankar Shastra and Mathematics. His fame will spread over the three worlds. He will be extremely wealthy and will be blessed with wife and children. He will be fortunate and will be reverred by the greatest of the kings.

If the Lord of the Lagna. If Venus, the lord of the 9th and Mercury be in similar position, the yoga formed is known as Srinatha Yoga. If Jupiter, the lord of the 5th and Saturn be similarly disposed, the yoga so formed is termed as Virinrhi Yoga. The person with Srikantha Yoga at birth will wear Rudraksha rosaries and his body will look white shining by besmearing the sacred ashes. He will be. He will regularly and rigidly perform the prescribed rites and will submerge himself in the worship of Lord Shiva.

Dhana Yoga in Vedic Astrology & Jyotish, (Wealth giving planets in astrology)

He will be a friend of the virtuous and will have no animosity against any other religious belief. He will become influential and his heart will be enlightened by the worship of Lord Shiva. The native of Srinatha Yoga will be wealthy, splendorous and soft spoken. His Manner of speaking will be pleasant and witful. He will have in his body marks of Lord Narayana such as conch, chakra, etc.

He will, along with other devotees or virtuous persons, be engaged in the recitations of religious songs about greatness of Narayana. He will be devotee of Vishnu. He will be respected by other persons. He will be very handsome and attractive and others are pleased in coming in contact with him. He will be blessed with a virtuous wife and noble sons children.

The person with Virinchi Yoga at birth will be extremely intelligent. He will be fully absorbed in the knowledge of Brahm. He will never deviate from the code of conduct prescribed by the Vedas. He will be full of good qualities and will always be happy at heart. He will have many distinguished disciples. He will be sweet and noble in his speech and will be blessed with much wealth, wife and children. He will shine with spiritual luster. He will be long-lived, will have complete control over his senses and will be revered by kings. When two lords of different houses mutually interchange places, that is, they occupy the house of each other, such a disposition of planets is known as Parivartana yoga.

The interchanges of the pairs of the bhava lords will number 66 beginning from the Lagna and ending with the 12th. Out of these 66 parivartana Yogas, 30 are caused by the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th and are called Dalnya yogas. The remaining 28 are known as Maha Yogas. Yogas in Vedic Astrology. Yogas in Vedic Astrology — Part 1. Yogas in Vedic Astrology — Part 2.

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