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If you start out feeling weary and worn Capricorn, know that it is all very much part of a greater plan to help you shed the skin of what no longer serves you along your life path. Your personal life and your love life WILL experience a profound renewal and rebirth. You will be stronger than ever. You'll also be much more positive about your relationship possibilities with Jupiter moving through your sign until December 2.

Jupiter will connect perfectly to Pluto in your sign on April 4, June 30, and November 12, offering you empowering potential to grow with another person in love. Saturn will also ease some of the pressure in by leaving your sign from March 21 - July 1, then exiting for good on December Eclipses in also wrap up in your sign and your relationship sign of Cancer. Libra: Capricorn occupies your solar 4 th house of home, family, beginnings and endings, and the subconscious. Saturn moving into Capricorn will highlight these areas for you.

Capricorn February 12222

It is more than possible that by the time the Saturn transit is complete in you will have decided to move. If you are super happy where you are living then this transit will manifest as a sprucing up your living space, especially if it has anything to do with refurbishing the old or remodeling. The fourth house is known as the house of beginnings and endings. It is more than possible that you will be thinking of a new future to be had, whether it is around work, or a revamping of your life in general.

This can come from the nagging Saturn vibe to get to the core of unconscious behavior and a pull towards books and seminars that are geared to awakening the inner spirit. A re-commitment to family matters is part of this mix. You may even be considering if you want to have a child, and whether or not you have the structure in place in your life to bring a child into the world.

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If you are longing for a child and fearful of not having enough, Saturn suggests that you can overcome that fear by creating a plan. Scorpio: Words, thoughts and language can be second nature to you. You are a natural at being able to see through bull shit and speak to the heart of the matter. With Saturn in Capricorn transiting through your third house of communication this can be a time of great respect for your thoughts and writings, or a time that the restrictive side of Saturn keeps your thoughts closer to your heart to wait for the best time to reveal.

Between now and is an excellent time to gather your memories from the past and journal your insights. If there is a novel in you, now is the time to set up a schedule for writing. Saturn does demand discipline, but carving out the right time and space to be serious about your writing will be rewarded. This sector of your chart is also about the area that you live in, normally considered your neighborhood. The element of having things be convenient will become highlighted. Having the short cuts to and from the places you frequent will be appreciated.

Some of the places that you love to hang may go through change of hands. Letting go of your old hangouts and finding new fav places happen during this transition.

Sibling is the other key word for the third house that Saturn is transiting through. With Saturn here you may learn that your brothers or sisters are making major life choices at this time. You may be asked to a wedding, or share in the sorrow of a relationship that has lived its course. Getting real about how much you need to have and do what you want will be where it is at. The second house is one of the money houses of the chart, but it also is the place where your own talents and resources are from which you can earn money.

With Saturn in Capricorn setting up camp for nearly 3 years you will have plenty of time to hone your skills to master your trade and develop your innate gifts to create more prosperity and abundance. Capricorn: Saturn has arrived in your sign and will be visiting from December , , , and part of Have no fear, this is a time that will allow you to focus on what is most important for you to have, do, be, and complete in your life for you to fulfill the mission that you came onto the planet for. This may demand that you make some changes however the changes are to align you to your authentic self and not the person you felt you were supposed to be.

This is a time when all of the should haves, could haves, would haves can come up to be acknowledged and dismissed. Regrets and resentments are common, but only to clear out the energy to create a space of joy and freedom to be true to self. In all of this personal development work, what can occur is you leave an old job and find new employment, you decide to get more education to do a work that is better suited to your personality and gifts.

You set stronger boundaries in relationships so you have time to focus on self. This is an incredibly important time for introspection and reevaluation. If you have been sabotaging your financial well being, or your health the Saturn in Capricorn transit will demand that you get back to doing what will keep you financially and physically together.

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Sometimes Saturn passing through your sign can be a complicated time, yet in the years to come you will reflect on the significance it has in redefining your future. Aquarius : Saturn transiting Capricorn from will be hanging out in the sector of your chart called the 12 th house. This is an interesting placement as the 12 th house is traditionally called the house of prisons, hospitals and monasteries. It is also the part of life that is hard for us to see, therefore considered the place to illuminate to know where we might be sabotaging ourselves.

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Therefore the next three years are an incredible opportunity for awareness and growth. You may feel inclined to have more time for yourself. All the activity of your friends and lovers, while great and fun, may be a little more than you want during this passage. Having time to retreat will recharge your batteries.

As dire as the old interpretation of the 12 th house seems, it actually is a fabulous sector when you are interested in spiritual growth. Opportunities will arise for you to get away from the daily grind and spend time among individuals who are deeper thinkers, or are committed to helping humanity. A friend may suggest a secret group to connect with, perhaps connected with shamanism and sacred ceremonies. Take your skeptical mind with you with the intention of being open to truth from higher sources. Since the 12 th house also deals with secrets, it is entirely possible to find yourself enamored with someone for whatever reason you feel the need to keep the romance secret.

The key will be to make sure that this romance is in your best interest and not something to regret down the road. Pisces: Sweet Pisces your time has come to set the boundaries around your friendships. Saturn transiting Capricorn in late December , , will be moving through your house of friendships, groups and organizations.

November 12222

You will have a few years to make the changes but during this time the clubs you are members of, the organizations that you donate your time or money to, will all go through a rethink. Some friends will organically shift out of the picture, as if you intuitively know that the common thread between you has worn thin and there is not enough to keep the lines of friendship going. This creates space for new individuals to become friends. With Saturn representing age and wisdom the friends that you are attracted to can reflect your own personal growth.

You will choose your friends with caution so as not to feel obligated to spend time or money doing things that no longer interest you. This can also be a time when the effort and work that you have put into your career begins to pay off. The rewards that you have expected or have been put on hold will free up by the end of Saturn in Capricorn or Your time and effort spend in developing connections during this transit pays off when you are committed to developing mature relationships that are based upon well-defined expectations. Saturn Transit in Capricorn Saturn was in Capricorn , Jan Jan , Nov Feb Historically when Saturn was in Capricorn in was the great depression, the Cuban missile crises, cold war fears, and 6 month bear market, in fall of the Berlin Wall.

Saturn in Capricorn and Relationships Relationships that do not respect each other, especially ones personal goals or emotional boundaries, will be on the proverbial Capricorn rocks.