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Money: Educate yourself about money, how to manage your finances and in particular how to save and invest. The more savings you have the safer you feel. Spirit: Self-development is the key to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Gemini Year Ahead: Relationships are powerful, always, and very much so for you during this time. However, keep in mind that whether it relates to work, love or social, not everyone will be suitable to invite into your inner circle — choose wisely who you associate with.

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Career: Use your creative gift to gain attention and get ahead at work. Money: A new start, which has the ability to boost your bank balance can suddenly appear. Be positive and expect the best!

Spirit: Prepare to step outside of your comfort zone and entertain a different way of thinking for you and your life. Cancer Year Ahead: This year, powerful eclipse energy can change your life in an instant. Be prepared to move forward with an open mind and heart. A new beginning for couples in a relationship and also for singles looking for love can put you face-to-face with someone you consider to be the love of your life.

Career: With careful planning and well thought out strategic moves you can greatly advance your career. Money: As one door closes another one opens. Spirit: Focus on the here and now. When you live in the present, and not the past or the future, this is when you can truly experience your life.

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Leo Year Ahead: This is an amazing year for Leo, and one where you can do and have anything you want, if your desire to have it is strong enough. However, be ready to give and take and realize that life usually comes with the necessity of making some compromises to get what you want. Career: Your key to success at work this year is to stay focused and to increase your level of productivity. The more organized and in control you are the more able you can act quickly when opportunities cross your path.

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Be prepared to go after opportunities that promise to abundantly reward you financially. Be both idealistic and realistic. Go for gold! Spirit: Intellectual enlightenment can change your attitude and understanding about yourself and the world around you. Virgo Year Ahead: Family, close friends and colleagues, and those who are your nearest and dearest, play important roles of support and encouragement this year.

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Career: You are a highly creative person, and whatever you decide to put your talents and focus on during this time can be successful and rewarding. Money: Sudden changes can alter your plans. If you need to make quick decisions to boost your financial security, then do so, but be sure to get the facts right before you do anything. Spirit: Love is the universal language, but it can mean different things in different cultures.

Be open to embrace and accept what others do, without judgment. Libra Year Ahead: Career, friendship and family all rate high on your list of priorities this year as does finding your own inner truth and being able to verbalize it without fear of ridicule.

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However, be careful of trying to please everyone, especially family. Get a head start on planning for the days ahead with your day-by-day forecast.

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