Pisces tarot february 10 2020

Under the influence of Pluto, they can become selfish or impatient.

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In love, they need understanding and support from their partners. Jupiter is in retrograde motion in Capricorn between May 15 and September 13, and it will determine you to reevaluate all your friendship relationships and to decide which are worthy of maintaining.


Mercury is retrograde between February 17 and March 10 in Aquarium. Perhaps you will feel more frustrated when Mercury is retrograde. You will have less optimistic days, which will lessen your capacity to discern and the will to act.

2020 Aquarius Horoscope Overview by decans:

Always remember that there are solutions. You just need to be driven to be able to see everything that is happening from other angles and perspectives. Mars is retrograde in Aries , and those born under the Aquarius sign will go through a period of two months when they become more anxious, stressed, and tempted to make hasty decisions, or to launch in affirmations they will later regret. The astral aspects require calm, patience, and more relaxation.

Pisces October 2020

The retrograde transit of Uranus offers you the opportunity to change the dynamic but through your change. You are used to being always right, but if you show the world new technics to build safety in your relationship, you will get rewarded by another response that gives you satisfaction.

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Therefore, if you try to discuss with your family differently, you might see that you have greater chances to truly reach them and to obtain what you all need. The predictability, stability, security, and contentment of love, marriage, and long-term relationships are not your strong suit this year and you could see losses in all of these areas, and even in friendships.

Moodiness, pouting, sudden flare-ups could occur. Even business relationships could be hindered. You have some lessons to learn this year in relationships and those lessons will not decrease in Then the answers are right at the corner! An exploration of your true self will happen during this year and you will stop beating around the bush and realize what are your actual needs.

It is said that good things take time to happen and everything will not be a piece of cake.

Pisces traits - What you need to know about Pisces star sign

There will be ups and downs during this year, but you will be able to make considerable progress in many areas. Just remember that hard work always pays! What good is to arrive when Elvis has left the building? So, Pisces Horoscope advise to students that, bunking the classes, not paying much attention to your studies, and keeping the books out of your focus will prove non-beneficial to you instead, give your full attention to the studies.

You will also understand the importance of burning the midnight oil and that there are no shortcuts to success, as what you sow is what you reap! You may get distracted by some problems in relationships but try not to get bothered by it, every difficult phase shall pass and there is a bright morning after a stormy night. You may enjoy all types of amenities this year. Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships.

The moon in Pisces clashes with Jupiter at AM—fun is in the air, but be careful not to over-indulge! The moon connects with power planet Pluto at AM, bringing powerful emotions to the surface; be honest with yourself about how you feel. The moon in Pisces clashes with Jupiter, stirring up plenty of communication and finding you making lots of plans—don't overbook yourself! The moon also connects with Pluto, inspiring you to reflect on security, privacy, and boundaries.

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  • The moon is in fellow water sign Pisces today, and you're in the mood to party! Just try not to over-indulge as the moon clashes with Jupiter. The moon connects with Pluto, bringing you important information. You're in the mood to spend cozy time at home, thanks to the moon in Pisces, but you may feel a touch lazy or indulgent as the moon clashes with your ruling planet Jupiter.

    Pisces 2020 Horoscope for Love

    The moon also connects with Pluto, encouraging you to sit with powerful emotions. You're dreaming big as the moon in Pisces clashes with Jupiter, but watch out for gossip or exaggerations. Your intuition is sharp and you're feeling powerful as the moon connects with the lord of the underworld, Pluto.

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    • The moon in Pisces lights up the financial sector of your chart and clashes with abundant Jupiter today—watch out for over-the-top spending!