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Guru ji namaskar I have a government job and going to retire from my job in the year what my stars tells you about my future life? Can I construct my own house of my choice? Dear Ravi, Your question is open ended it,it cannot be answered here.

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I suggest you take Kundli analysis service which is in-depth analysis of your chart and has all details, remedies etc. DOB 19 March I had plans to resign from my job and do Share Trading, but few days back Lost all my money in Share Market. Should I resign from my job and do the share trading from loaned funds or continue with my job?

Not doing that good in job as well. Please help. Soon you will be running mahadasha of Ketu which is not considered good. Dear Arun, Jyotish cannot be seen from just one point. How is Saturn, hos is Mars and how is Ketu placed in varga charts in your case, ALL needs to be seen before concluding.

I completely agree with you Sir. So I cannot continue with my Job as the project is getting close in next few months and my plan B stock trade is completely NO for me. So how should I earn my livelihood. Dear arun, start looking for change of job. Take chart analysis service where you all timelines can be identified and certain self doing remedies can be given.

Guruji dhan aur career ke baare mein margdarshan karein. Place Ghaziabad.

Time 6. Hello sir My name is Tarandeep singh Dob time My Dob 05 June , time Am, place — the District.

Samastipur Bihar. Meri job kab tak lagega? Hello, My date of birth is My birthday place Ahmedabad My question is what jobs shuold I do?

Vrishchik Rashifal September 2019 - आपकी नसीब की गाड़ी दौड़ने वाली है - Scorpio Rashi In Hindi

Sir pranam My d. Dear Pritish, Difference of 40 minutes is too much in birth time. No prediction can be made neither remedies can be given, Get your birth time rectified which is paid service. Either a Govt job or any dealings with govt departments or govt tenders, supply etc will suit you very well.

If having a good dasha like this and you are NOT earning, that means problem is from outside. Shravan kumar yadav Dob. Ghazipur UP. Govt job kab??? He is a Post Graduate and preparing for Government jobs and struggling hard for last three years. Kindly any remedies for him, Regards. Dear Praveen, To land in a Govt job, astrologically connection of Sun to 10th house is one of the prerequisite, either in natal chart or in divisional chart of profession.

In divisional chart of profession, Sun is debilitated and aspecting lagna. Wear my Chandrahaas yantra and chant the gupta mantra that comes with it, for success in competitive exams. Dob:- Tob:- am Pob:- Siliguri,Darjeeling w.

आज का वृश्चिक राशि दैनिक राशिफल । Read Daily Hindi Horoscope for Scorpio

Aor kya love mariage ya arrange please answer dijiyega. Dob- Tob- am Pob- sirsa, haryana Sir free hoon naukari kab tak milegi bataiye. I want to know about my career and at which age I can get a job? Job lagegi mene history se M. A kiya h.

अक्टूबर (October) 12222 के लिए मासिक राशीफल

Aur shadi arrange hogi ya love. Me ek ladki ko pasand krta hu jiki rashi tula h uska naam R word se suru hota h aur uski dob h. There are further developments which are yet to take place, and more information yet to come. What others expect or imagine can only help you get to grips with your own affairs. Play your cards right over the next forty-eight hours and cash rewards could be your ultimate prize.

Today's Scorpio Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

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