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Those horoscopes make great reading, be sure to never miss them! Susan Miller is an internationally known, accredited professional astrologer, best-selling author, successful web publisher, popular columnist, and sought-after lecturer and teacher. A second-generation astrologer, Susan learned about the subject from her mother, who emphasized continual research and scholarship. Daily and Weekly Horoscopes All horoscope and astrology services on our site are provided free of charge for your personal enjoyment. Your October forecast was posted last night.

October 1st--time to read it! In October you will need to choose the dates of your biggest initiations carefully. Be in the know! Bryce Gruber. The entire housing market depends on astrologyzone now. Replying to BryceGruber. Like an old tax bill from 10 years ago that somehow the accountant never paid.

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This year is much worse because the October 27 new moon is a monster. We had a little hiccup because of the Jewish holidays. Some nembers of my staff are Jewish and wanted to be with family of course. We wish everyone a very happy celebration. We will posti within the hour.

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Cleo Stiller. Replying to Cleomsf. Guess what! I finished Pisces, and that means your Oxctoer report is done. All I have to write is my Note from Susan Miller--I have some intriguing announcements so I hope you will be sure to read it. We post tonight, October 1, and are in touch with our engineers.

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About 3 women who have a modern, ripped from the headlines problem w a fertility clinic. Superb acting. Let's watch, discuss the signs of each—here!

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AlmostFamily pic. I loved all 3 characters in the way I loved MadMen.

Daily Horoscope: October 2nd - October 3rd

Let's chat here on Twitter the following day. I just wired a thoughtful Aquarius report for October, took 6 hours to write. Only one more sign to write, Pisces, so we will post tonight, October 1st. I never rush writing any sign and I am sure you agree, that's an important promise.

This week is the Jewish holidays and I wish all our Jewish friends a happy celebration. My editor in chief is Jewish and although we have 4 top editors, we are down one, and things are going more slowly without his guiding eye. Tomorrow afternoon we will post! I just finished a really good Capricorn, and although my spirit is willing my body is screaming sleep. I will get up early to write my two last forecasts, Aquarius and Pisces for October.

It's a major month, lots to say! We will post tomorrow late afternoon. In reply to astrologyzone. Janelle Hanna. Replying to janellemhanna. I have this perfectionist and stinks being very thorough. That monster moon is in Scorpio so I wanted to treat Scorpio extra tenderly and give some ideas. We will post your October forecast tomorrow afternoon, October 1. We have a monster new moon, October 27 that is requiring a lot of explanation--Scorpio was 4, words. I am writing Capricorn now, then will have Aquarius and Pisces to do. I care about you! I'll be back, promise!

If u want to learn astrology, check out my friend Rebecca's beginner's astro course, starts this week--Oct 3-Dec 19, 12 wks long, it's online so u can join from anywhere in world, and will have materials for life. Sign-up for course: da I think you will enjoy, read here: bit.

Astrologia ganha flego na internet com interesse dos millennials veja. Happy Birthday Libra! Hi readers, I am writing Leo, and that is why I am not here so much. I miss being on Twitter! October will be a mixed month--some really good, some really tense days. We all have to run for coverafter the new moon in Scorpio Oct Get all key things done early in October.

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Today, Sat. Venus will be in great harmony w. This new moon will color first 10 days of October, so while I write your Oct forecast, see my Sept report--I talk a lot about Sept 28 at end. We'll have so much fun! Tkts: bit. Ashwini Anburajan. Replying to anburajan. No so sorry— The really surprising and difficult aspects come at the end of next month at the new moon October This is nothing things start blowing up in late October.

Do u want to learn astrology? My friend Rebecca is offering beginner's astrology course Oct 3-Dec 19, it's online so u can join from anywhere in world, plus there are 2 in-person classes in beautiful Tribeca NYC loft, meet ur classmates. Sign-up: da All fixed! Thank you Phunware for fixing my app immediately.

Readers if you subscribe to my app it is working now and no longer pinwheeling. Pisces Feb Mar Switzerland or bust? On Monday, October 7, it may be hard to stay neutral as stalwart Saturn in Capricorn clashes with the fair-minded Libra Sun. Libra's solar power brings objectivity, helping us Get the Horoscope Guide! Read Your Horoscope Now:. In the stars right now:.

enter Set yourself to beast mode! Focus, focus, focus! October is a 1 month in Numerology, paired with the amplifying power Make it a doppia! Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during