Horoscop leo 7 7 february 2020

The Leo Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Your guide to the year This fantastic book includes month-by-month forecasts and all you need to know to find out what is in store for you in the year ahead. This popular guide contains all you need to know about your personal horoscope for the year Be prepared for the forthcoming year with monthly predictions for your sign and discover how to maximise your opportunities and potential to make the most of Your Personal Horoscope Joseph Polansky.

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Sagittarius Your Personal Horoscope. Capricorn Your Personal Horoscope. Saturn in conjunction with Pluto on January 12 is not going to come empty-handed, but it will bring plenty of luck, optimism, expansion, a lot of cheerfulness, and work capacity, according to the Horoscope for Leo.

All these perfect ingredients will make an ideal year for the people born under the Leo astrological sign.

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  • Located in one of the two financial houses of Leo, Jupiter the Greater Benefic can bring you interesting and tempting gaining opportunities in the first nine months of However, no matter how favorable this perspective seems, it is recommended to act cautiously, levelheaded, and without haste. Be careful, especially in March-May and August-September of these periods are very challenging for the Leos, and with a high level of risk. The new ideas will bring you a lot of money, Leo!

    General overview for February 2020.

    Jupiter spends six months in the area of creativity, romance, children, and fun, inviting you to explore with enthusiasm a lot of possibilities. When Mars is retrograde , between September — November, Leo may encounter some real problems in managing emotions constructively.

    They need to learn how not to try to be in control of others, nor to assert their power. Being reserved is the key to all your problems. As you become more reserved, your problems will get solved. Venus in apparent retrograde motion through the house of love, after October 5 of , will bring a boost of energy that will amplify your desire to express your feelings, love, and romanticism for someone truly special. Some Leos might accept a challenge, someone from work or your close circle of friends can draw your interest.

    LEO 2020 - 2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

    In , Leos enjoy the planetary support of Saturn and Uranus, which favor progressive changes and renewals, based on a well-thought plan, which will help them develop important long-term projects. Moreover, Uranus supplies them with energy and ideas, while Saturn offers tenacity, wisdom, and strategy. You need to be loved and appreciated, admired and valued and yet it seems no one does this year. You will find yourself late to dates and gatherings, and you will pay the price.

    Until after the spring, it is not a time for long-term commitments. By late summer though you are back on track for love and improved living conditions with partners or spouses. Relationships have a tone of seriousness and heaviness that you are not used to. It is a lesson in mature mutually rewarding relationships that you are learning.

    It is not an easy lesson to learn, however, it is an empowering one. It is a time of testing.

    You most likely will not see a promotion or advance in career in but this time of build a solid foundation will pay off remarkably by mid You will be responsible and have an increasing sense of responsibility for work and co-workers. Prevail and you will win big with almost a radical revolutionary change next year.